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The Buddha denies the existence of any permanent entity either physical or mental. We call this theory about self as Anatmavada.

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Where to find the real Buddha

Look for Buddha outside your own mind,
and Buddha becomes the devil.

Dogen Zenji

Self centeredness

When your parents gave you life,
there wasn’t a trace of selfish desire, bad habits or self-centerednesss.

But from the age of four or five you picked up the mean things,
you saw other people do and the bad things you heard them say,
so that gradually as you matured, growing up badly,
you developed selfish desire, which in turn produced self-centeredness.

Deluded by this self-centeredness,
you then proceeded to create every sort of evil.
If it weren’t for being centered on yourself,
delusions would not arise.

When delusions do not arise,
that is none other than abiding in the Unborn Buddha Mind…

Bankei Yotaku


Few people believe their inherent mind is Buddha.
Most will not take this seriously and therefore are cramped.
They are wrapped up in illusions, cravings, resentments
and other afflictions.

All because they love the cave of ignorance.


Buddha nature

We have to understand the middle path:

That a human has a positive and a negative side.

We have a false, ignorant side, but we also have a beautiful potential – Buddha nature.

Lama Yeshe