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The Buddha denies the existence of any permanent entity either physical or mental. We call this theory about self as Anatmavada.

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The minds of man

Veiled by ignorance,
the minds of man and Buddha Appear to be different.
Yet in the realm of Mind Essence They are both of one taste.

Sometimes they will meet each other In the great Dharmadhatu.

Jetsun Milarepa

Absolute Practice

Living in a rugged, deserted, and solitary hut is the Outer Practice.
Complete disregard of the self-body is the Inner Practice.
Thoroughly Knowing the Absolute is the Absolute Practice.
I am a yogi who knows all three.
Is there a disciple here who wishes to learn them?

Jetsun Milarepa


My fear and doubts have vanished like mist into the distance,
never to disturb me again.

I will die content and free from regrets.
This is the fruit of Dharma practice.

Jetsun Milarepa

Study the Dharma

First, cut through the confusion of learning.
Then ponder the meaning of what was learned; and lastly,
meditate its meaning as instructed.



I have no desire for a homeland and have no fixed residence.
I do not experience the initial suffering of partiality of thinking that, ‘this is my land and that place isn’t’.

I do not experience the intermediate suffering of yearning for my land. And I do not experience the final suffering of having to protect my land.
Therefore, I do not have a fixed abode.


Running after Thoughts

When you run after your thoughts,
you are like a dog chasing a stick.

Every time a stick is thrown, you run after it.

Instead, be like a lion who,
rather than chasing after the stick,
turns to face the thrower.
One only throws a stick at a lion once.