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The Buddha denies the existence of any permanent entity either physical or mental. We call this theory about self as Anatmavada.

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Right and Wrong

The question isn’t who’s right.
You’re simply seeing things from different points of view.

Kodo Sawaki


Everything has its own identity,
which is unsurpassable in the whole universe.

Kodo Sawaki

More important things

Without money,
you’ve got difficulties.
Still, you should know that there are more important things than money.

You constantly think about sex.
Still, you should know that there are more important things than sex.

Kodo Sawaki

A big fuss is made over nothing

People love emotional confusion.

Just look at the film posters in front of the cinema:
Nothing but emotional confusion on their faces.

Buddha-dharma means not putting yourself at the mercy of emotional confusion.
In the world, on the other hand, a big fuss is made over nothing.

Kodo Sawaki

Being lord on Earth

Man makes a clever face and talks about being lord on Earth.

And at the same time he doesn’t even know where to begin with his own body:
He watches sports on television and defends himself saying that everyone else does it too.

Kodo Sawaki

Educated for the real Life

Everyone is talking about education,
but what are we being educated to be?

Ordinary citizens, that’s all.

Kodo Sawaki