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The Buddha denies the existence of any permanent entity either physical or mental. We call this theory about self as Anatmavada.

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At certain times,
a silent mind is very important,
but ‘silent’ does not mean closed.

The silent mind is an alert,
awakened mind;
a mind seeking the nature of reality.

Thubten Yeshe

Be wise

Be wise.
Treat yourself, your mind, sympathetically, with loving kindness.

If you are gentle with yourself,
you will become gentle with others.

Thubten Yeshe

Remedy for suffering

Whether we sit with our arms folded this way,
and our legs crossed that way is of little consequence.

But it is extremely important,
to check and see if whatever meditation we do is an actual remedy for our suffering.

Thubten Yeshe


Some people live closely guarded lives,
fearful of encountering someone or something that might shatter their insecure spiritual foundation.
This attitude, however,
is not the fault of religion but of their own limited understanding.

True Dharma leads in exactly the opposite direction.
It enables one to integrate all the many diverse experiences of life into a meaningful and coherent whole,
thereby banishing fear and insecurity completely.

Thubten Yeshe

Mental Outlook

Over and over again our experiences prove,
that it is our mental outlook that is fundamentally responsible
for whether we are successful or unsuccessful, healthy or ill,
attractive or ugly, happy or depressed.

Thubten Yeshe

Pleasures and enjoyments

Contrary to what some people might believe,
there is nothing wrong with having pleasures and enjoyments.

What is wrong is the confused way we grasp onto these pleasures,
turning them from a source of happiness into a source of pain and dissatisfaction

Thubten Yeshe